Itinerary of Traffic Accidents Victims Assisted in Olinda/pe Public Healthcare Units

Itinerary of Traffic Accidents Victims Assisted in Olinda/pe Public Healthcare Units


Nossa Senhora das Graças Nursery School, University of Pernambuco.

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

This study will try to trace the route of the victims of traffic accidents occurred in the city of Olinda. Traffic accidents are complex events that involve human error, vehicles, in addition to environmental factors.1 In Brazil, accident rates increase in traffic only occurred since the popularization of the use of automóvel.2 Considering the high rates of traffic accidents in Brazil and the involvement of health services in this process, it was thought to know how these victims move within the health network in the city of Olinda / PE. We analyzed all victims of traffic accidents attended by the SAMU and the Fire Department in the city of Olinda / PE in the period from July to December 2012. The study was approved by the Ethics Committee in Research according to Resolution 266 / 2012, with CAEE: 16133613.7.0000.5192. Through the data collected, it was observed that the set of external events related to traffic accidents, the victims coming from care provided by the emergency services and emergency Olinda / PE, were forwarded to the Restoration Hospital about 280 occurrences where 86% underwent routine radiographs for signs of possible fractures. Of the total, 132 were victims of traffic accidents, more than 70 % of cases were male, aged between 20 to 40 years, corresponding to the working population. Made intake of alcoholic beverages in 20 % of cases and 05 deaths were recorded among the six months of research. Analysis of the itinerary of the victims, it could be noted that the number of traffic accidents involving males is up to the female quantitative and that the percentage of intake of alcohol is significant for the sample size. It is necessary to emphasize the control of public policies surveillance especially the association between drinking and driving, but also in controlling the time-workload of professional drivers.

Keywords: Traffic accidents, Route, Health Network.

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