Sexuality in Adolescence: the Family Role and Nursing

 Sexuality in Adolescence: the Family Role and Nursing


University of Pernambuco1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Adolescence is regarded as one of the stages of human development, and this is marked by numerous changes, especially with regard to sexuality. The lack of flexibility of dialogue with parents, the teenager looking for other sources of information about sexual initiation, contributing in this way to practice sex in an unsafe manner. Nurses, especially that which is part of primary care, has a fundamental role in sex education and should be trained in the subject and include there in schools and hospitals. This study aimed to identify the adolescents’ perceptions about the role of the family and external influences on behavior and sexual initiation. An exploratory study of quantitative approach, performed in the city of Recife in the period from August to December 2014. He obtained as a convenience sample, 59 adolescent students, aged between 14 and 19 years. Of the sample 50 % had sexual experience, and of these 52 % started between 14-15 years, 69% with boyfriend (a); 44 % live with both parents, 73 % talk about sexuality, and of these 30 % say they talk to their parents, 51 % of parents are unaware of the initiation; 42 % had friends as key sources of information; 58 % reported with nurses; and 77 % reported knowing female condom. The family structure is closely associated with sexual initiation. Talking about sexuality is much more than simply convey information. It requires transposition barriers, however, many parents and children can not establish this condition for dialogue, especially when the subject is sexuality, becoming evident in the survey that most parents are unaware of sexual activity of their offspring. The results also took us to discuss the role of nurses in the sexual education of adolescents, as among adolescent participants of the study 58 % reported having received guidance on sexuality nurse. Then we base the importance of coordination between schools and primary care through the School Health Program (PSE), to propose conversation wheel, exhibition materials cover the issue, “empower” this teenager. Despite the relative lack of family education the teenager is seen as the protagonist of his actions in a sexual context.

Keywords: Adolescents; family; sexuality; Nursing

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