The Importance of Health Education in Coping With Violence Against Women, Through the Program of Health at School: a Case Report

The Importance of Health Education in Coping With Violence Against Women, Through the Program of Health at School: a Case Report

SILVA, S.C.S.P1; FLORÊNCIO, T.M.B1; ARAÚJO, W.M1; GOMES, B.M.R2 Nursing Academic of University of Pernambuco (UPE)1, Dr.Professor of Universidade of Pernambuco (UPE)2

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In the world, 35 % of women suffer physical violence and/or sexual.The most effective way of reducing this type of aggression is through education, since the school is a space that contributes to the construction of personal values, beliefs, concepts and ways of knowing the world1,2. This work aims at describing the importance of health education in coping with violence against women, by means of the Health at School Program (HSP). It is a living experience of the HSP developed as consolidation of curriculum content during the IV period of nursing course. Initially was chosed a public school in the municipality of Recife with basic and secondary education. In the action we used a presentation in PowerPoint about the theme chosen in advance and the final product of action was the confection of the Mandala. At the beginning of the presentation was defined what was the violence against women, they talked about the topic and affirmed that knew victims, and agreed that it was common find this type of violence in their community, was transmitted to them the severity of this type of action and the posture that should have when they are confronted with similar situations. According to Vygotsky, the middle directly influences the human being, therefore, when we speak about health, the professional has to direct the a broader sense of the word, since the human being has relations with the entire environment in which it is inserted1,2. Have the possibility to participate in the graduation of the PSE is a great achievement, because observes that education in health is intrinsically linked to the basic social issues and that the most effective way to induce this young man to oppose the medium is through education, because it is the school where young people begin to form their concepts and these will reflect in their actions.

Keywords: School Health; Health Education; Violence Against Women

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