Health Education: Nursing Interventions in the Family Health Strategy of Maceió, Alagoas

Health Education: Nursing Interventions in the Family Health Strategy of Maceió, Alagoas


Alagoas Health Sciences State University – UNCISAL1.

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The chronic non-communicable diseases, according to the World Health Organization (who), are currently the leading cause of mortality in the world. The approach to hypertension and diabetes consists of drug and non-drug intervention, always accompanied by changes in lifestyle. And health education, as an important aspect of the prevention, main characteristic of primary care that must act in order to develop health integrality practices to address populations delimited by geographical areas. To report the actions of health education, as well as identify the risk factors in a community registered the family health strategy in the city of Maceió-AL. A case studies, based on observation and intervention applied to population linked to the family health strategy-ESF, dynamically. Were performed: blood pressure measurement, anthropometric measurements, capillary glycaemia and advice according to the problems identified. It was noticed that the success in the control of blood glucose and blood pressure is subject to membership of the individual treatment and health activities that stimulate or facilitate changes in lifestyle. It is through the promotion of health that the individual can acquire new habits and attitudes to adapt your lifestyle front a new situation that the disease is imposed. In this perspective, knowledge regarding health – disease require professionals who take on the role of educators being allies of patients in the challenge of encouraging the same in the auto care. So it was evidenced that health and education are closely linked, being seen as complementary and essential for the progress of the family health strategy and ranks as one of the decisive interventions in health promotion because it’s done from the analysis, questioning and proposition of his own team and community, which are constituted as subjects of the process.

Keywords: Health education; Nursing; Intervention

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