Integrality in Health Care: Home Care Provided by an Interdisciplinary Group in a Community in Maceió-al

Integrality in Health Care: Home Care Provided by an Interdisciplinary Group in a Community in Maceió-al


Alagoas Health Sciences State University – UNCISAL

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In the context of public health, completeness comprises a plurality of action that is not restricted to its classic design. We believe that a comprehensive care goes beyond the formulation of a treatment plan, but also includes the regulation of public sector policies, the reorientation of relations between the state and society and look for the subject-user within a service logic consider carefully the various dimensions of the human being. This is an experience report which sought in their objective to integrate the activities and provide an interdisciplinary service, held in the Pontal da Barra district, Maceió – Al was possible to carry out 12 sessions with PFD patient, 85 years, affected by Stroke – stroke, with serious physical impairments and engines. The work included the participation of trainees in the course of occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy that part of the team seeking care within a broad vision encompassing the specifics of each profession. Given the difficulties presented has been working with the patient cognitive stimulation, with approaches in the same skills, patient was responsive therapies. Guidelines were given to the family as well, presented its fundamental importance in the evolutionary process of the patient. The team left as conduct suggestions to the family, because the patient needs constant stimulus so as not to limit and end up aggravating their clinical picture, for speech was important to realize adjustments as how to feed the patient, it does not do it alone, and as hearing extremely compromised cognitive not there often full understanding by the patient. For occupational therapy and physiotherapy keep important palliative care involving stretching, decubitus changes, guidance on mobility. The continuity of care favoring crucially needs, which are understood as integrated way a whole and not in parts. Professional ceases to have an individual look, favoring the construction as a health professional with relevant look at the patient and not only to this involvement, making the multidisciplinary team a practice enlightened and shared.

Keywords: Integrated Service – interdisciplinary team – palliative care.

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