Discussing Disabilities in the City of Lagarto-se: Experience Report of the I Workshop of Pet Network Training of Chw

Discussing Disabilities in the City of Lagarto-se: Experience Report of the I Workshop of Pet Network Training of Chw


Federal University of Sergipe1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The Education Program for Work, PET – networks for the care of people with disabilities, of the Federal University of Sergipe, Lagarto campus, aimed to do the spatial distribution of people with disabilities in the city of Lagarto, to map social facilities and services that are offered to this public, as well as identifying their main care demands. With this information it was possible to think and build a network of care that serves this population. It is understood that the training of the professionals involved in the care of people with disabilities, such as community health workers (CHW), is essential for building this network. In this regard, the I PET – networks for the care of the disable with the CHW of the city, workshop was held, creating a space to discuss disabilities. Our goal was to discuss with the CHW the issue of disability. This is an experience report of the I Workshop of PET-networks for the care of people with disabilities with the CHW of the city. The operation took place in November 2013 with the participation of 23 members of the PET (15 students, 6 instructors and 2 tutors). There was an attempted to strategically provide information, promote discussion and reflection, and identify the knowledge and concepts that they had on the subject. 37 CHWs attended the operation. Through discussion groups about the concepts of disability, posters and flyers were produced. This interactive discussion format on the topic enabled the exchange of information and reflection on the topic, in which the good use of these dynamics were clearly achieved. It was possible to identify the lack of information that the professionals had and how this can lead to inefficient care. The lack of information on the subject identified in the workshop is a present reality in the whole health care system in our country, resulting in a weakness in the care of these people. The operation with CHWs was of great importance, because in addition to informing them about the goals of this PET, it brought clarification on the issue. For the students, it was a chance for them to see the reality of the information that the CHWs had, making us understand about the importance of training and contributing to a significant and reflective learning about the reality experienced by the disabled and the lack of care.

Keywords: People with disabilities, training, community health workers

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