Monitoring Report of Experience an Extension Project Held With Elderly in a Public University

Monitoring Report of Experience an Extension Project Held With Elderly in a Public University


. State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In the process of active aging the elder nowadays has demonstrated the pleasure and the desire to make a more active and productive life, discarding the functional losses, recognizing their potential to act actively and independently in their day to day. In order to describe an experience for students within the project Open University of the Third Age (UNCISATI), which is organized by UNCISAL. The Active Ageing Course students have subjects like the Integral Health, the Elderly in Society, Culture and Memory. The purpose of the monitor within this space is adviser to the facilitator and the participants in the teaching and learning of the subjects. The results attained in this policy process exceeded expectations as active participation in classes and discusses on exposed subjects, training groups to discuss relevant issues about aging with quality of life, improvement in psychosocial relations, social-family and better balance in relations physiological. The outlook in this environment is of great stories of resilience and search for independence and autonomy, where the gain comes as socialization benefits, improved self-esteem, creativity stimuli, live better quality of life. In the context of active aging and chronic diseases sluggish words are discarded from the vocabulary, however existing in some physically, because quality aging does not mean absence of disease but maintain the conditions of autonomy and independence intact when possible. This monitoring experience dealing with the health of the elderly globalized form, giving us the satisfaction and the desire to put into practice the acquired results. For the elderly is not the end but the beginning of new discoveries.

Keywords: Monitoring, Elderly, Quality of Life, Active Ageing.

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