Clinical Profile of Women With Inflammatory Process by Candida Albicans in a City of Alagoas

Clinical Profile of Women With Inflammatory Process by Candida Albicans in a City of Alagoas


Federal University of Alagoas – UFAL / Campus Arapiraca

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

One of the most common causes of inflammation in women of childbearing age is the Candida albicans, often being the presumptive diagnosis for any vulvovaginal irritation. Vulvovaginal candidiasis is an inflammatory disease caused by pathogenic yeast that women are biologically more susceptible¹. Through this context of great importance to women’s health, the present study aims to identify the profile of women affected by inflammation by Candida albicans. Descriptive and cross-sectional study accomplished with 53 womens diagnosed with Candida albicans in laboratory, treated in gynecological nursing consultation in Basic Health Units in a city of Alagoas. The research was approved by the National Committee for Ethics in Research (Seem No. 931 700). The average of age of users of service was 40.2 years. With regard to ethnicity 61.2 % were brown. In the socioeconomic characteristics of women evaluated was observed that 93.2 % were literate, 57.6 % were married and had income between one and two minimum salaries. Among the main sexual and reproductive characteristics: 81.3 % had sex in your life with an average of two partners, 67.7 % had normal parturition, 32.2 % had abortion and 59.1 % did not use any contraceptive method. Regarding the current history of diseases, 34.73 % have high blood pressure (hypertension). The data collected provided relevants and requireds informations to characterize the profile of women with inflammatory process by candida albicans, specifically in a Metropolitan Region of Alagoas. Married women with fixed sexual partner, brown and those who were not using contraception methods were most affected by vulvovaginal candidiasis. The low level of education found can be an exclusion factor in the education in health and family planning. It is also identified that some cases of candidiasis were associated with other pathogens. Most women sought the service to carry out routine gynecological examination, revealing the importance of preventive measures and widespread attention in public health in primary health care units.

Keywords: Women’s Health; candidiasis; Multi.

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