The Construction Process of Educational Material for Health Promotion: Experience Report

The Construction Process of Educational Material for Health Promotion: Experience Report


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences1 
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The formation of the education includes a specific way, which is subject to change, and to achieve these goals it is necessary to create strategies that have a prospective vision. It is essential that these schools consider actions that are geared at passing a different logic, suitable for each time and each place. This method synthesizes an educational project of each school, consisting of an attempt to change the logic of the teaching operation, stopping being something repetitive and systematic to becoming something productive and profitable¹. The educational resource had a reverberation in the vision of students, they can reflect and analyze differently the consequences that waterborne diseases causes². This is an experience report about the construction of educational resources made by members of the Liga Acadêmica de Educação em Sáude (LAEDS) [Health Education Academic League] in Universidade Estadual de Ciência da Saúde de Alagoas (Alagoas State University of Health Sciences), they are: Puppets, puzzle, memory games and coloring books. Where an active methodology was applied and tried to explore the five senses and the child, parent and adult ego states. It can be noticed that through the educational resources the students kept their interest in the workshop, showing interest and participation so that makes learning possible and made their interaction with the staff easier. The construction of educational resource occurred harmonically, the members were divided into 4 groups, where each individual group was assigned to produce a resource, then all the class was put together and each group shared to each other their resource, thus the best way to provide resources for students was subsequently discussed. The education in health must happen at a level that transforms the target audience’s behavior, and by building these educational resources and the message given to students, the aim was to bring in a simple manner the prevention of health, so the use of educational resources facilitated the understanding and apprenticeship of students, therefore, the objective of resource construction was reached.

Keywords: Health education; prevention & control; constant education.

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