Reflections About the Importance of Education Interdisciplinary Practice in Health at Schools of Poor Communities

Reflections About the Importance of Education Interdisciplinary Practice in Health at Schools of Poor Communities


Federal University of Pernambuco 
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In 1940, the health education strategies were authoritarian, technicist, biologicist, verticalized, informative and the individual was responsible for his health. Today, the responsibilities related to health education also are assigned to teachers who work to change behaviors. Health education in the school context part of an integral / multi-disciplinary vision of the human being, and considers people in their family / community / social and environmental context. The school influences students in the formative stages of life as an important teaching and learning space, coexistence and growth, therefore it is the ideal place to practice health education. This study aims to think about extension actions developed in schools from a country city of Pernambuco State. The actions are related to a extension project from CAV / UFPE, involving hygiene issues, food, environment and physical education, which were worked out by university students in a ludic way in schools. A briefing was conducted about the learning of the previous actions. The actions were stimulate the participation of students who showed interest in the topics covered and became more participative / practitioners healthy habits. The difficulty to promote actions relating to the proposed theme, in the school curriculum, did the teachers confirm the impact that these actions can bring to the school / community. The participation of children changed the teacher’s opinion, since they did not believe that health education in school could contribute to the promotion of health. The thinking about the actions and the importance of extension projects that involve the community are estimated from the moment that there is mobilization of school, when it understands the school needs. The student motivation during actions can change the fundamental habits for their development. In addition, remember the worked themes reaffirmed the importance of interdisciplinary approach to health at school. The school is the best place to work the health education. In the school, it is known that information will be shared with the community, which can improve health indicators, improving the life’s quality.

Keywords: health education; extension; poor community

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