Environmental Education in Schools: the Importance of Education About Health in to Plant and Care

Environmental Education in Schools: the Importance of Education About Health in to Plant and Care


Federal University of Pernambuco
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The environment is important theme in the health education, and to form an environmental conscience is part of man’s development. Health education is more than transmitting concepts, it is take the social environment knowledge that children will incorporate in their lives, and then to promote improvements life’s quality in the community. The aim of this work is to enable the exchange of knowledge between the community and the university, through extension activity. A multidisciplinary group of students from CAV/UFPE talked about “the importance of preserving the environment” in a poor community school of Vitória de Santo Antão-PE. With the aid of a flipchart, was discussed the care that we must to have in the preservation, with plants and what is its important to humans and the planet. Bean seeds were distributed in a disposable cup with wet cotton, for them take care at home. Later, with the students, was made a vegetable garden at the school. The students reported that they had acquired some knowledge, with the family, related to environmental practice made. The curiosity and the desire to participate were stimulated, with the extension group, the vegetable garden cultivation. The participating school can take advantage of the products that the students planted in this activity, although it has been in demonstrative amount. The knowledge that students had about growing a vegetable garden is consistent with the community where they live, since many of them have a family who cultivate for subsistence. This type of initiative as well as being important for the school, provides children knowledge on cultivation practices, care of plants, and also the awareness about benefits of healthy eating, concepts involving heavily in their relationship with food, nature and health. It’s important to observe that practical activities are an important to improve for teaching / learning in health education. The school does not have any attraction for the kids, and the vegetable garden was a playful and environmental method. It is a practice that, in a way, ensures greater participation in the school environment. Actions like this can develop awareness of care early on in its broad sense, to promote health.

Keywords: school, environmental education, environment, health.

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