The Integration of Multiprofessional Team in Preventive Actions for Woman Health – Report of Experience

The Integration of Multiprofessional Team in Preventive Actions for Woman Health – Report of Experience


Alagoas Health Sciences State University – UNCISAL1
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The Women’s Health constitutes an important field of action, where educational activities are of great value, considering all the peculiarities of their life cycle¹. Health Education is understood as a practice developed on social groups by an interdisciplinary team involving actions among social subjects through dialogical and strategic practices². In this sense, it reflects the commitment to the implementation of health actions focused on the comprehensive care of women. It is aimed to report the experience of multidisciplinary integration between academics of distinct areas experiencing actions of assistance³. In an objective and dynamic approach, waiting rooms were carried out in a Basic Health Unit-UBS, through practical interventions in health education, based on experiences and observations, with the theme of prevention related to: pregnancy, healthy eating, breast and cervix cancer, reproduction planning and contraceptive methods. It was noticed that during the interventions, the audience remained attentive and collaborative. During the educational activities, some women began to show signs of behavioral changes, while others showed resistance due to previously received information and common sense. In this perspective, it is emphasized that an effective interaction between the team can be considered central to the qualified and humanized assistance to women. For allow their participation in the discussion and formulation of strategies viewing the pursuit of health in the different changes and adaptations.  It is therefore a function of the multidisciplinary team to comprehensively promote an approach to knowledge and public awareness through continuous education interventions, creating a link between the health team and the user and thus increase the power of solving social problems.

Keywords: Health education, Wholeness in Health, Women’s Health

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