Academic Incentive Scholarship (Bia) Program Under the Vision of a Participant Student

Academic Incentive Scholarship (Bia) Program Under the Vision of a Participant Student


University of Pernambuco1
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The academic incentive scholarship (BIA) is it consists of a student assistance program, which is a partnership between the Federal University of Pernambuco and the Foundation for Science and Technology of the State of Pernambuco. Students from public schools who entered the university with the best placements in the vestibular, they are invited to participate in the program that provides scholarships as a form of financial incentive and academic monitoring. The program aims to reduce the evasion of the university students, besides assisting their training and encouraging their involvement in the university life, encouraging participation in projects that provide more information and knowledge about the course that is inserted. The student must be included in any educational project, research or extension, where you need to devote twelve hours per week on certain activities by a mentor teacher. In addition to presenting a partial report after six months of release for project and a final report at the end of the scholarship, which lasts one year. Participation in the extension project provides interaction with other health professionals, tasks like, for example, participating in research routine, summaries of articles on issues related to extension that are inserted, his activity that expands the knowledge about different subjects. The inclusion of new graduates from first period in teaching projects, research or extension, it provides such opportunity of personal growth, learning wider, intense, refined and of great weight in their professional qualification. The program benefits the university, it provides exchange of knowledge between society and the academic community, form students researchers who have had great participation in social reality and professional practice and have more participation in scientific activities in general. And finally, it offers benefits to the community, because the community receives well trained professionals, who have a broader vision and prepared to view the inserted individual in an economic context, social and political.

Keywords: academic incentive; University Extension.

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