Social and Demographic Profiles of Some Addicts of Alcohol and Drugs From a Psychosocial Attention Center

Social and Demographic Profiles of Some Addicts of Alcohol and Drugs From a Psychosocial Attention Center


Federal University of Sergipe
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The careless use of alcohol and many other drugs is a phenomenon present everywhere in the world and calls for attention. According to 2015 world report of drugs by the United Nation office for drugs and crime, the estimated consumption of drugs in the world is stable. It is important to identify the user’s profile and his own particularities in addition to understand and help him to stop using drugs. Therefore, the objective of this study was to characterize a group of addict from a Psychosocial Attention Center (CAPS-Ad) drawing a social and demographic profile. Descriptive study that shows a transversal cut type, realized in CAPS-Ad, in the town of Lagarto-SE, Brazil. During the search a social and demographic questionnaire was utilized and all the participants assigned a document of free consent. There were 92 people interviewed and 87 of them were males. 12 % of the addicts were Caucasian. Their ages were between18 and 72 years old, 27 % were between 18 and 25 years old. The majority, about 65.2 % were addicts of different drugs. There were also a lot of different motives for using drugs: the majority of them were influenced by a few friends (39 %) but there was also a group (39 %) that decided by themselves to use it. The majority of the interviewed people presented a low level of schooling, and 54 % were unemployed. The social and demographic data mentioned here (men, young people, low level of social and economic life, low level of schooling and occupation) related to the use of alcohol is a predominant characteristic among those who had an accompaniment in CAPS-Ad, confirming many other studies developed before. It is necessary to be careful about the social causes that enclosure the dependence of drugs and the uncontrolled damages between the users of it. The society and professionals of the health area must work hard to bring special motivation to reduce the damages

Keywords:  Disorders related to substance use; drug users; harm reduction

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