Discipline of Education Elective Health as a Tool in Higher Education Student Learning: an Experience Report

Discipline of Education Elective Health as a Tool in Higher Education Student Learning: an Experience Report


Universidade Estadual de Ciências da Saúde de Alagoas – UNCISAL
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Health education is the practice field and knowledge that has been concerned more directly with the creation of linkages between medical action and thinking and doing everyday of the population ¹. Some studies have investigated the health behavior among university students and found gender differences, highlighting the need for differentiated strategies for each group ². Therefore, it is understood that are proposed, interdisciplinary, building knowledge about. This is an experience report on the Health Education of influence in the formation of higher education. An observational method, with the construction of a report and then the analysis thereof was employed. The elective subject for Health Education Search offer knowledge and overcome the limitation in the core curriculum in teaching health education. With a mission to offer graduates opportunities to approach health education, strengthen the basic knowledge on the subject and develop some fundamental skills. Thus generating acquisition of knowledge and experience, clinical and scientific reasoning development and promotion of teamwork. Graduation is the perfect time to expose the student to the challenges of health education. Thus, the discipline can contribute to the process of choosing and stands as a viable alternative to offer contact with health education and as a way to promote the acquisition of knowledge about the specialty. This study showed that contact with health education expands the scientific knowledge based on the experience of students in academic education, guiding their skills, techniques, holistic and forming facilitating the construction of knowledge. The thus making it more critical and reflective with respect to their role as health educator.

Keywords: Health education, interdisciplinary, academic training.

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