The Importance of the Academic League on Health Education to the Community

The Importance of the Academic League on Health Education to the Community


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences 
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The Liga Acadêmica de EducaçãoemSaúde(LAEDS) [Academic League on Health Education] is a non-profit organization, formed by a group of students from different years of graduation supervised by a tutor linked to a higher education institution.The purpose is the encouragement to study of a specific topic, investigate the development of scientific projects and voluntary activities to the community¹.The League has a vision focused on actions with the population based on the need that this public lacks.Studying healthcare education contributes to the professional training establishing a link between desires and expectations of the community for a better life, looking for a psychology and social balance².Thus the LAEDS provides information to the community about various topics covered, with primary focus on prevention and health promotion.This is an experience report about the relevance of LAEDS within the community, where the League has been developing actions within the community, for example: construction of educational resources, workshops in schools, and bringing information to the public in a simple and comprehensible way, developing this work with the league members.Due to work done by LAEDS is possible to see greater involvement of academics concerning the prevention and health promotion. Academics are educated and become active members in the dissemination and guidance to society, encouraging the community to change their lifestyle according to the needs of the population. Academics and professionals should participate in the introductory course organized every year, after the course, the members who are interested will  be submitted to a  subjective test, after  approbation they  become full  members  of the league, being able to participate in scientific meetings and practices in the community. The LAEDS work must be continuous and always updated, increasingly seeking to involve the students and the community in order to try to get the maximum information and conscientization of the problems that it confronts.

Keywords: Health Educati; Consumer Participation; Education continuing

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