Public School Students Knowledge About “What Is Healthy Life” at Vitória De Santo Antão-pe, Brazil

Public School Students Knowledge About “What Is Healthy Life” at Vitória De Santo Antão-pe, Brazil


Federal University of Pernambuco
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The knowledge about health and disease is related to the socioeconomic background of a population. In a school community, it can make health education interventions, since the use of a pedagogical practice is consistent with the reality of students. Thus, it is important to be aware at the level of knowledge of the students about the theme, so that you can intervene to promote health. The aim of this study was to conduct an assessment about the health knowledge, food, sports, environment and life’s quality in in public school of a poor community at the Vitória de Santo Antão-PE city, to develop actions aimed to contribute to the health’s promotion. A multidisciplinary group of students from CAV / UFPE prepared a “diagnostic action” directed at elementary school students. The action had some frequent ask questions and answers, a dice and a puppet theater to make ludic dynamics. The dynamic carried out involved questions about the themes of action. Students answered the questions without any interference of the teachers. It was observed that some questions raised about the topics covered were answered correctly, which notes that the students of this school know notions about what is related to health and disease. It was perceived that all they answers were based on information passed made to them at some time in their social life. Frequently, however, it became clear that even with proper knowledge, they did not practice such acts. Although students have demonstrated knowledge about what is related to health and disease, sometimes, do not practice that is related to health, because most answers were related to poor sanitary infrastructure of the community where they live. In addition, many of them had unhealthy habits because they were influenced by the family`s lack of knowledge. It was noted the importance of a ludic approach to health education, since there was remarkable motivation of students in dynamics offered in this action. To Know the public is very important to develop actions that can contribute to health education, promoting habits changes of transforming way.

Keywords: education, school, life’s quality, health

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