Initial Training of Targeting Health Alterity: Matrix Religiosity Afro-brazilian Focus

Action League of Assistance to the Street Situation and on the Chemical Dependence Specific Subjects of the Streets


State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas (UNCISAL)
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The rights of health yards population are supported by the Integral Health National Policy for the Black Population (PNSIPN), adopted in 2009, by Ordinance No. 992/03 of the Ministry of Health This report aims to highlight the importance of. deconstruction of prejudice against the different and show that it is possible to live in society where there is harmony and respect for each other. The experience report what happened in IV Alagoas Seminar on Ethics, Otherness, diversity, Eugenics and Health Professional “whose objective was to talk about affirmative policies providing students lecture and hear reports of his colleagues, professionals, and users of these policies. The roundtable event was composed by: Rector of Representative of UNCISAL, Teachers UNCISAL, Holy Father, Pastor Evangelical, Shemale, Gay, capoeira group and hip hop. The debate started, but at no time existed disrespect between the parties involved on the contrary there was even praise evangelical pastor to the Holy Father. During a conversation at the table was evident in the speech of gifts is also necessary to be a lot of change in society but there have been a breakthrough in it, but it is necessary that the rights of the public are respected. Some reports were shared by the Holy Father thereby being of utmost importance to the deconstruction of prejudices that exist regarding african array of religion. The notice is still the difficulties encountered by them, even knowing that there are public health policies that guide for inclusion, access and health care for these groups. It is essential to have more debates and discursões on affirmative policies and her role in society. For humanization is only possible with the practice of otherness.

Keywords: Initial Training,Targeting Health Alterity, Matrix Religiosity Afro-brazilian Focus

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