Health Education for Puppets Theater Media: an Experience Report

Health Education for Puppets Theater Media: an Experience Report


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences – UNCISAL1
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The child can be considered a dependent being, it needs adults to have their essential needs met¹. Having the right to observe and learn about their daily lives. Should the health educator, is familiar with their stages of development in order to tailor their actions to the level of understanding in accordance with their age group ². The theater can be seen as dramatic and as an educational method game, because it can reach the child in a whole ³.This is an account of students’ experience at the State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas, which was to guide children in a public school in Maceio through the puppet theater, followed by educational games and the delivery of coloring books the theme. To carry out this work was used an observational method, with the construction of a report and later analysis of the same. The theater was performed with the exchange of complete and simple information for health promotion with the theme “body care”, aimed at sensitizing children on the theme, providing the implementation of the guidelines in daily life by the same. During practice children participate actively and through the information passed decided the outcome of the story, therefore, possible to realize that promoting health has been effective. In front of the living became clear that health education should be present in the school environment in order to contribute to this process of constant change in which they are children. Through the use of figurative language practice theater while delivering the child’s knowledge, has offered a better learning and quality health education, reaching thus their goal. However, this experience should be reinforced often.

Keywords: Health education, recreational resources, child health

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