The Pro/Pet-health as a Strategy on Promoting the Process of Formation at the Health Field: an Experience Report

The Pro/Pet-health as a Strategy on Promoting the Process of Formation at the Health Field: an Experience Report



Federal University of Alagoas
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The experience aimed to present to freshmen psychology course of Federal University of Alagoas the PRO / PET-Health, fostering discussion spaces on training and professional practice in the public health field at the University. The experiment took place in a morning, at “Week of the Freshmen” of Psychology, with the psychology freshmen and monitors of PRO / PET-Health. Active learning methodologies were used. Initially it was held the formation of small groups to create posters on the themes of “health” and “SUS” and subsequent exposure, sharing what was built with the other participants of the experiment. Then, there was a dynamic through drawings of a character to reflect about the practice of multi/inter/ trans disciplinary, discussing such concepts. At the end, using slides, a presentation about PRO / PET- Health was held, sharing experiences and answering questions. Obtained results allowed to know the meanings shared among the freshmen about health and SUS concept. Expanded health concepts were shared – as a right and prevention – reductive – as physical and mental well-being – and a negative view of SUS, providing the questioning and deepening of concepts. Discussions about PRO / PET-Health enabled greater understanding of the project and recognition of its importance. The inclusion of psychology in the public health arguments and the strengthening and efetivation of SUS is still not viewed by students. They do not know the difference between multi/inter/transdisciplinary to comprehensive care and do not know how PRO / PET-Health works. Thus, we see the necessity to create spaces and devices that allow the approach of psychological practice in health. We conclude that programs like PRO / PET-Health are characterized as potential tools for planning of health education, considering that the experience of the project could and should provide building experiences of educational practices and work processes in health services and also in educational institutions spaces. Thus, causes reflections on the training process in the health sector that can help to think about wich principles that have guided the formation in psychology in health.

Keywords:  Psychology; Formation; Public health; SUS.

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