Sex Workers: a Report About the Intervention of Occupacional Therapy

Sex Workers: a Report About the Intervention of Occupacional Therapy


Alagoas Health Sciences State University – UNCISAL
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Prostitution is considered by history one of the oldest professions and appeared around 1600 b.C. as a ‘consequence of the arising of mercantilism, which genetared in one way the accumulation of wealth and in another way the pauperism’ (Brasil, J. 2012 p. 1). Prostituts are the main products of the called “proletariat of love” and ‘depend on her health, her time and her body to pratice the profession’ (Brasil, J. 2012 p. 3). Considered a ‘necessary evil’, for a long time there was no interest in finding out solutions for the problem. The professionals are still marginalized in several aspects and, as a consequence, they are not able to be fully assisted. That is why we performed a study about the quality of life of these professionals, thinking about how the Occupational Therapy can direct its practices to reach this specific public. The intervention was done in the streets of Jaraguá neighborhood, at the night time, between twenty one and twenty three hours; we interviewed eleven sex workers, however only six answered the questions completely. Among the six intervieweds, two were women and the others travestite, aged between nineteen and thirty five years, from two to tem years of profession, practicing the sexual act four to tem times per night, under the effect of alcohol and other substances. It was utilized an evaluation questionary of quality of life at work QWLQ-78 – composed by 40 questions -, which was adapted to the conditions of street situation and specially adapted to sex workers, which has the goal of approach mental health and ergonomic aspects of work. During the interview we also promoted actions of protection, care and orientations considering the paper of work in health and disease conditions. The activities were meaningful for sex workers and also for the students who related their interests with their necessities, and were of extreme relevance, because develop the comprehension of its profession, providing to students a focused view onto the real necessities of those who live from this work, being able thus to interfere in the promotion and improvement of the quality of life of workers. It is necessary to protect and legitimate this profession defending the professional interests as its rights and self-steem. Occupational Therapy is a science which studies the human activity and use as therapeutic resource to prevent and treat difficulties. The workers affirm they practice sex exclusively as work; many subject themselves to situations, mosty humiliating and of risk. As the majority lack affective and do not know their rights, the Occupational Therapy can help in the support work and also in biopsychosocial development. However, it is seen that it is really possible for occupational therapist to work with sex workers, aiming to dispose of habilities in their preparation, searching strategies to reduce functional losses, also contributing in better psychic condition.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy

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