The Fanzine Magazine Issue as a Resource in Occupational Therapy Social: the Experience in a Prison System Unit of Maceió, Al.

The Fanzine Magazine Issue as a Resource in Occupational Therapy Social: the Experience in a Prison System Unit of Maceió, Al.


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences – UNCISAL1
Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

This report discuss the experience of Occupational Therapy students in the social field next to a group of eight interns of the Núcleo Ressocializador da Capital in Maceió City, Alagoas state. The Center is a new prison unit model, aimed to social reintegration through work, education and leisure. The experience took place between August and September 2015, a total of four meetings took part as practical lessons of discipline of Occupational Therapy course of UNCISAL. We opted for the realization of a fanzine production workshop as an intervention technology, which was divided into three stages: presentation and decisions of the fanzine issue, production and discussion of the results. All decisions concerning fanzine magazine (size, number of pages, themes, highlights etc.) were discussed and defined with the participation of all those involved (academics, interns and teacher). It was observed that the fanzine production workshop was configured as a favorable space for reflection on various topics, exchange of information, free expression of ideas, stimulating creativity, recovery of interest and life story. Once issued, the fanzine magazine was distributed in and out the institution, making it an alternative channel for communication and expression between interns and society. From the perspective of non-formal education. Shared the assumption that the development of the magazine is configured as a potential resource for socio-educational practices based on autonomy of the subjects involved and the notion of citizenship1. During the workshop we realized the building of a link, through the activities, among those involved that enabled the opening of a effective dialogue for social exchange within the group. The experience allowed the understanding of the academic activities in the field of Social Occupational Therapy, as well as the place and significance of the activity in this field, understanding it as a dynamic and relational process, fueled by historical, cultural and social factors.

Keywords: Terapia Ocupacional Social, Prisão, Fanzine.

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  1. Lopes, R. E.; Borba, P. L. O.; Monzeli, G. A. Expressão livre de jovens por meio do Fanzine: recurso para a terapia ocupacional social. Saúde soc., vol. 22, n.3, 2013.