Integration of Occupational Therapy at Attention as Pregnant Women in Basic Health Unit

Integration of Occupational Therapy at Attention as Pregnant Women in Basic Health Unit: a Report of Experience


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In recent years, the appreciation of the assistance to prenatal, childbirth and motherhood has grown significantly. There are numerous multidisciplinary programs with educational methods that help at this stage, however, is still little explored by occupational therapists this field of atuação1. The pregnancy is a period of several changes in the body and emotionally, a phase of adaptation to the woman, we see a real opportunity of contribution of therapy occupational thus playing a role in an interdisciplinary context, with experiences that help pregnant women in guidance, within its core knowledge, with the possibility of the same subject be discussed from different aspects. This is a descriptive study, describing the experience of a group of students of occupational therapy course of UNCISAL, with a group of pregnant women in a Basic Health Unit of Rio Largo – AL, through a conversation circle for integration of profession with them at this stage of life. Students have gained new insight into the relationship of the profession in the area, deepening their knowledge and experience in the practice, and while pregnant women, was obtained initially a bond, making the environment conducive to practice reaching the initial goal of integration. Pregnant women interacted with each other, demonstrated curiosity about the subject, questioned about their questions and gained knowledge about healthy practices during pregnancy, both with your body and taking care of your future baby 2.3. The Psychological support from the students and the teacher towards pregnant women out of great relevance, because, for many it was your first pregnancy. The practice sparked students’ interest towards the area, can contribute to a health education within the UBS. The college classes are opportunities for academics, making a common space for knowledge exchange, with mutual benefit as the relevant aspects of the teaching-aprendizagem process1. Allowing for occupational therapy, an opportunity to differentiated performance from that which is usually directed.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy; Health Education; gestation.

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