Occupational Therapy and Health Education in Schools

Occupational Therapy and Health Education in Schools


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences (UNCISAL)

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The school is one of the foundations of education and citizenship. It is the way that children start their integration in the community, social inclusion, their relationships and potentials, ie complex relationships that span a lifetime. The school environment is a conducive space for health education, as it helps in improving the community’s quality of life and contributes directly and indirectly in the formation of citizens. This study aims to describe the experience of graduation students of occupational therapy in health education in the school environment, action promoted by specific discipline applied to Public Health course. Actions were promoted aimed at children, in a school in the city of Maceió – AL, for seven weeks. The group planned education intervention strategies in health, addressing issues related to daily life, for the prevention of risks present in the community and promotion / maximizing health. We attempted to implement continuous and dynamic action plans through themes such as Traffic Education and Environmental and oral hygiene. The health education experience provided by the experience leveraged gains for children in psychomotor aspects, socio-educational and inclusivists; through the actions taken, but also served as the experience and practical scenario for the involved academic. It was observed through dialogue with the children at the end of each activity, which was subject of attachment and self-reflection. One of the ways to promote health and encourage healthy living practices to children’s age group is using the process of education in health in a playful way, where you can provide the opportunity for sharing of knowledge from various problems. Therefore, it is clear that health education as a means of promoting health in the school environment, it is by building partnerships and, in a sense, the abandonment of the old educational model focused only on the teacher’s figure. The experiences obtained in this practical scenario enhance holistic gains of the subject, where these actions through the playful approach, provided fundamental importance in prevention and health promotion, through the approaches to everyday contexts and practices elaborations for children on improvements of their lives and community.

Keywords: Health Education; Childhood Education; Health Promotion; Occupational Therapy

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