Perception of Professionals of Family Health Strategy About the Role of Family Health Assistance Nucleus in a Maceió-al

Perception of Professionals of Family Health Strategy About the Role of Family Health Assistance Nucleus in a Maceió-al


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences – UNCISAL

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Compounding the Unified Health System (SUS), we have the Family Health Strategy (ESF) member of the primary health care (ABS), a political strategy, innovative technical and administrative that comes with the mission of reorganizing the health care process AB, in this new context appears the Centers of Support for Family Health (NASF), a Ministerial Policy recent in order to consolidate the ESF deployed in 2008 by Ordinance No. 154, and it is still expanding in municipalities across the country. The NASF is an innovative strategy that aims to support, expand, improve care and health management ABS / Health. Thus, this study aims to identify the perception of the FHT professionals about the NASF in a basic health unit in the city of Maceió-AL. This is an exploratory descriptive study of qualitative approach, using semi-structured interviews and data were analyzed using analysis of content. The sample was the whole of 8 professionals who compose the FHS team covering all entered categories, from September 2015. The research was initiated after approval of the CEP under No. CAAE: 44553315.0.0000.5011. The research was developed in the VII Sanitary District (DS) of the Municipality. It was possible to detect that most professionals recognize that NASF strategy comes with paper support and complement the work in this new health care model in ABS. On the other hand it can be seen that a minority of these professionals have a vision where the NASF comes as fragmented work and reference. So this reordering in seeking to ensure the universalization of ABS and replace the traditional care model of hospital-centered character for health promotion, has brought this challenge to the NASF in defining its role. Having within that process continuing education the basis to strengthen that knowledge. It should be noted that most of the ESF professionals recognize that the main function of NASF is to support teamwork through matricial. But a minority still do not know the true role of NASF thinking that it must take care reference, this new restructuring of health care.

Keywords: Health Unic System – Primary Health Care – Health program

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