Factors That Affect the Quality of Life of Caregivers of Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

Factors That Affect the Quality of Life of Caregivers of Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease: a Literature Review


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Caring for an elderly with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) leads to production of wear emotional, psychological and financial support to the caregiver, because treatment is expensive due to the fact the subject gradually lose their cognitive functions, leading to total dependence. This situation produces a new resizing in the lives of their caregivers, so you can live with the implications caused by the disease, this factor contributing to interference in the quality of life for them. This study is a literature review through content analysis of the years between 2006 and 2015, with the intention to identify the factors that affect the quality of life of caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The method used was the selection of articles indexed in scientific databases of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and Occupational Therapy Journal of University of São Paulo (USP), with the following descriptors: Alzheimer’s Caregivers, Quality of Life and Occupational Therapy. It was observed that 25 publications met the inclusion criteria of this research. It has become clear that the quality of life of the caregiver and the elderly is closely related, identifying that there are repercussions in the lives of caregivers, occurring physical and mental overload. The results point to the importance of a focused attention to caregivers` health in order to promote quality care through public policy. It is obvious that there is a lack of studies on the subject, and a need for more research and publications that may disclose the importance of the performance of occupational therapy with these individuals.

Keywords: Alzheimer, Caregivers, Quality of Life and Occupational Therapy

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