Interdisciplinarity: the Knowledge Construction Onward Integrated Actuation

Interdisciplinarity: the Knowledge Construction Onward Integrated Actuation


Alagoas State University of Health Sciences1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

In all health care levels, there is the need for interdisciplinary work, since it is from this that aims to get a comprehensive approach in the care of persons, groups and community comprising the client as a historical, social and political, articulated to his family context, the environment and society in which it operates. This study aims to report the interdisciplinary performances experiences surrounded by graduates of the course of Occupational Therapy in the Pontal da Barra community in the city of Maceió- AL, inserted in the proposal stage supervised in Public Health. The interventions were favored to different audiences, they are: women’s group, students of a municipal school, children and adolescents from a local project and patients receiving home care. Directed the construction process of planning and implementing interdisciplinary mode of activity, that is, at the present time trainees of Occupational Therapy, Speech and physical therapy, discussed the d emands and priorities of the respective audiences, where each category of students contributed their knowledge during their education playing their role as health educators, so that each would act according to its specificity, however, in an integrated manner. The performance in the community has proved to be a very rich time, the potential and difficulties of various professional categories and sensible, given the comprehensiveness of health actions in this context. The search for the common of the different branches and the exchange of knowledge allow the creation of new knowledge. Added to this, knowledge of the socio-cultural environment where the customer is inserted favors a more effective approach, offering subsidies for adopting new habits, aiming at better quality of life both individual and collective. Thus, interdisciplinarity stands out for perfecting one category over the other factor, a process of self-knowledge added to the constructive criticism that reverberated positively on both parties to the professional construction, enrichment activities and to a more comprehensive service.

Keywords:  Interdisciplinary, Occupational Therapy, Health Care, Public health.

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