The Usage of Health Education by Occupational Therapy Students in a Country Town in Alagoas, Brazil

The Usage of Health Education by Occupational Therapy Students in a Country Town in Alagoas, Brazil – an Experience Report


State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas (UNCISAL)1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

This paper aims to describe the importance and consequences of the participation of the Occupational Therapy course of the academic group at the State University of Health Sciences of Alagoas (UNCISAL), in carrying out action voluntarily, aiming to socialize prevention diseases and discipline daily activities in search of a healthier life. This action developed by the Interdisciplinary League of Preventive Health (LISP) on August 22, 2015 in the city of Cajueiro, Alagoas area of the state forest. Expressing clearly the concept of health education, dissociated by Candeias (1997), any combination of experience and learning facilitate generating health actions. The intervention took place with the participation of 48 local residents, in a space provided by the city through four themes: human health, women, the elderly and children. Students were divided by themes, where each axis promoted activities with certain time. The subjects covered were sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, smoking, personal hygiene, physical exercise and healthy eating. Explored through lectures, wheels conversations, using videos and posters. The event was scouting services in blood pressure, height, weight and application of a questionnaire, covering health issues. Health education is of fundamental importance for the promotion of knowledge and develop responsibility for their own health, in front of the whole community (OLIVEIRA, 2004). It was noted the importance of health education at this location and the great interest from the community. This action brought as a reflection the importance of seeking ways to prevent possible diseases, through knowledge acquired during their studies. However, health education for disease prevention was important, providing a better quality of life, promoting lower risk of infection or possible aggravation of diseases, whether transmissible or not, contributing to a healthier life. This task is a challenge to be the first contact with this audience, but resulted in the construction of the expected goal.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy; Health Education; Community

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