Intervention of Occupational Therapy an Institution Philanthropic the Municipality De Maceió-al

Intervention of Occupational Therapy an Institution Philanthropic the Municipality De Maceió-al


Estadual University of Science Hhealt of Alagoas (UNCISAL)

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The human being develops and acquires resources for healthy living through the Occupation, not being different from the child, which develops through communication, social interaction and the main facilitator activity of this global development through play. This deals with life experiences in a philanthropic institution, whose target audience was children aged 4-5. Academic divided into two groups who supervised an average of 20 children. Initially it was made ​​recognition and verification of claims, and, from that, it was held six meetings taking place once a week, covering aspects such as: social and group interaction, behavior, problem solving; fine motor skills, global, visual-motor and manual dexterity; observation of child development with application of the Denver Scale II; and, on completion of the practices, reflect with children about the activities carried out was performed. It was evident the change in children’s behavior and improved group interaction, showing how it is significant therapeutic look in this area. Upon completion of the application of questions of Denver Scale II, it was observed that some children had difficulties in components such: motor development; performance of language; adaptive or cognitive development; social or personal development, thus highlighting the need for intervention in these respects, either through environment setting where children are inserted, as well as the individual intervention in order to provide development as expected for their chronological age and maturity. In view of this is noticeable the importance of therapeutic intervention and attention focused on the individual needs of children, in order to allow adequate overall development of children. Therefore, as the Occupational Therapist professional who has human occupation as a working tool, it’s up to him to identify and interfere in any change in the child’s occupations and assist in the acquisition or recovery activities that are necessary for your well being.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy; Institutions; Children

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