Educational Health Actions in Schools: a Knowledge Integration

Educational Health Actions in Schools: a Knowledge Integration


Estadual University of Science Hhealt of Alagoas (UNCISAL)

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

The health education includes knowledge and practices geared to promoting well-being, based on scientific and popular knowledge, creating awareness on various topics that include the daily lives of those involved, making them active and transformers your life and / or social environment. The respective paper describes and experience in health education activities in schools, lived by undergraduate students of occupational therapy in a school in the municipality of Maceió- AL, aiming to prevent the minimization of risks and health promotion. Method: We sought to develop a set of actions in view of teenagers in a biopsychosocial vision, seeking strategies with social determinants in the field of health, given the context of adolescent / lives. The integration and ongoing coordination of education and health in schools, provided gains in psychomotor aspects, socio-educational and inclusivist, shaping up as a potentiating scenario multipliers of knowledge. Since health education is the set -enhancing actions that collaborate to expand the degree of autonomy of individuals, it is necessary to intervene based on the value of the subject’s uniqueness as well as the collective, through transmission information and aponderamento of public policies, institutions and organizations within the territory. However, education and health, as spaces of knowledge and practices have been understood from its specificities, where education is associated with school and learning processes and health is identified as health services and processes illness. The performance of trainees from the relationship between the sectors of education and health, seen in a broad way , we can establish the intersection for the integration of knowledge , since the educational processes and health and disease, consist of awareness and autonomy , as well as the needs of collective actions and fostering participation.

Keywords: Health education, occupational therapy, Integration, Public health.

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