Playful Instruments in Drug Therapy for the Control of Hypertension and Diabetes

Playful Instruments in Drug Therapy for the Control of Hypertension and Diabetes


Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Systemic Arterial Hypertension (SAH) and Diabetes Mellitus (DM) are chronic diseases, still responsible for high mortality rates in Brazil¹. The prime purpose of treatment is the reduction of systemic events related to complications of these diseases. Thus, the SIS Hiperdia program proposed by the Sistema Único de Saúde came to strengthen relations between user and health professionals, folow, orient and prevent diseases, through a computerized system that generates information for managers and health professionals².This is an experience report linked to Projeto Pet-Saúde Hipertensão e Diabetes: educar para controlar da Universidade Federal de Sergipe. It was executed in 2014 at UBS Maria do Carmo Alves, located in the city of Lagarto-Se. After applying two questionnaires in the elderly regarding the general characterization of the health and anthropometry, we selected 57 patients registered in the SIS Hiperdia. After analyzing the data collected, 44% of seniors were forgetting or using the drug improperly. A fact that may be related to low education, as 94,4% are illiterate or studied up to the 4th grade. After these results, we have created a tool that helps the elderly not to confuse medications and make its use in appropriate time. It is colorful stickers where each color corresponds to a drug, which will be fixed in the box, and a sheet with time and figures, which indicate the use of certain medication in its respective schedule. After performing surgery, you could see that there was a good acceptance and good understanding of what was passed. This factor of great importance and that can contribute to greater adherence to drug treatment and reduction of future hospitalizations caused by inappropriate treatment.

Keywords: Primary Health Care. Health.Education. Hypertension. Diabetes Mellitus

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