Health Education as Oral Cancer Prevention, an Experience Report

Health Education as Oral Cancer Prevention, an Experience Report


Estadual University of Science Hhealt of Alagoas UNCISAL

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Oral cancer is a serious public health problem in almost every country in the world, this is a designation that includes the lip cancers and oral cavity cancers that originate in the lining of the mouth or surface tissues, these are called carcinomas and they represent 96 % of the malignant tumors of the oral cavity. The risk factors consist of bad habits such as: poor oral hygiene, smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, diverse multifactorial causes and other hereditary aspects impossible to be changed¹. Dentistry plays an important role in patient care since it acts from the moment of the diagnosis to the prognosis of the treatment². Health education is a strategy used by the multidisciplinary team to bring the information to the population, on the prevention and promotionof health³. It is aimed to elucidate the importance of health practices as prevention of oral cancer, giving priority to environments of lower visualization and performance. This is an experience report, with a dynamic approach on the educational health interventions carried out in a multinational company and in a hospital environment of high complexity, considering the subject of oral cancer prevention. It was observed that the educational actions taken in their respective environments, were of informative nature, where the public showed good receptivity and collaboration during the practice exercised, at another time it was possible to perceive adherence (compliance) to the guidelines passed in the prevention process. Experiencing this perspective has become possible to observe the fragility of the information levels of the target audience, resulting from the negligence that exists in the operationalization of events that promote health in these environments. In this, it is believed that the educational intervention contributed to the enhancement of knowledge and self-care practices, which are fundamental reorientation of individual health behaviors.

Keywords: Oral health, oral neoplasms, health education, disease prevention

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