Critical Analysis of the Physical Structure of Surgical Center of a University Hospital: an Experience Report

Critical Analysis of the Physical Structure of Surgical Center of a University Hospital: an Experience Report


University of Pernambuco1

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Surgical Center is the set of environments, properly located, sized, interconnected and equipped with facilities and equipment, with qualified and trained to perform surgical procedures in order to provide maximum safety to patients and better working conditions for technique1 team. According to the RDC 50, in a hospital operating room must have the strategic location and must be located in one easily accessible location that meets all sectors of the hospital 2.3. By observing the physical structure, it was thought to describe an experience through careful analysis of the physical plant of the Surgical Center of a university hospital, in analogy to the current regulation, which are the RDC’s 50/2002 and the SOBECC manual. This report describes the experiences in the academic practice of the Surgical Center, which occurred in the period from May to June 2015 in a university hospital in the city of Recife / PE. The surgical center is not located centrally, but serves all sectors. Located near the ICU and inpatient unit, has the support of pharmacy, warehouse and CME. Consists of six operating rooms (two large) and two half baths that have three taps each, being in accordance with the RDC50 / 2002. Its physical plant is unique and coupled to CME corridor, jeopardizing the sterilization of surgeries performed, as there may be a communication of clean and contaminated materials. Has reception, waiting room for patients, male and female locker room, pantry, medical evolution and nursing room, administrative room nursing room to guard anesthetic material, histopathological analysis room, rest room for professionals and room post-anesthetic recovery. Because it is a hospital with more than a century building, has a surgical center with remote physical plant, which is difficult to fit the new resolutions in force, increasing the risk of contamination. Irregularities were found, which is necessary Readjustments and behavioral changes such as technical barriers, so you can offer the provision of quality services without providing risk for the patient.

Keywords: Surgical Center, Organization Safe Surgery.

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