Health Education in Cronicidades

Health Education in Cronicidades


University Tiradentes-UNIT

Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy-2d Code

Chronic diseases represent the highest percentage of morbidity and mortality in Brazil, and is considered a public health problem¹. In 2011, the health ministry launched the strategic action plan for dealing with cronicidades in this context the competence centers and health care liability developed educational tools, in order to prevent comorbidities and normalize the flow of life the sick. Health education is a methodological tool used by the multidisciplinary team which aims to take the information, knowledge and promote health in this case the target audience are those individuals in treatment of metabolic diseases, cardiovascular, respiratory and cancer. This study aimed to elucidate the importance of health education in the prevention and treatment of cronicidades. This is an experience report, with dynamic and objective approach in the form of lectures and conversation circles, conducted by students of health care in hospitals, shopping, business and basic health units. The health education actions taken were of an informative nature, where the audience was receptive and cooperative during activities, experiencing this perspective was possible to observe the level of education of the fragility of the population served and how these activities are important the dissemination of knowledge. So it was observed that the health education practices such as promotion strategy, prevention and care are of great relevance for the treatment of cronicidades, favors self-care and contributes to maintaining the quality of life.

Keywords: Health education, chronic disease, health personnel

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