A TRIGA-like subcritical concept for biological waste management (pills, old vaccines etc.)

A TRIGA-like subcritical concept for biological waste management (pills, old vaccines etc.)

Florent Pirot

Independent researcher

This subcritical concept is framed in a way that allows use in a single room for some electricity production purposes. It involves a tungsten casing and also helps using depleted uranium dust. The single series of anneals for closure and direct laying of the top opening window onto the left side of the tungsten casing make pressure work impossible ; it also allows for a relatively cheap production.

Keywords: TRIGA-like subcritical concept; biological waste management

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Florent Pirot. A TRIGA-like subcritical concept for biological waste management (pills, old vaccines etc.) . Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, 2021, 5:12. DOI: 10.28933/rjpp-2021-07-1006


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