Analysis Of Breach Of Dormancy Of Jurema Preta And Mororó

ANALYSIS OF BREACH OF DORMANCY OF JUREMA PRETA (Mimosa hostolis Benth.) AND MORORÓ (Bauhinia cheilantha (Bong.) Steud)

José Crisólogo de Sales Silva,1* Lívio Kelver Martins da Silva,2** João Paulo Silvério da Silva,3***José Iran Sousa e Silva,4 Alex Romualdo Nunes,5

1. Prof. Dr. Titular Zootecnia, Universidade Estadual de Alagoas – Santana do Ipanema / AL – Brazil
2,3,4,5. Zootechnist of Universidade Estadual de Alagoas – Santana do Ipanema / AL – Brazil;

American Journal of Agricultural Research

The seed dormancy limits seedling production and the potential for using them. This study aimed to determine the best method for breaking dormancy in seeds of Mimosa hostilis Benth. and Bauhinia cheilantha (Bong.) Steud. The experiment was conducted at the Laboratory of Food Science, State University of Alagoas (UNEAL) Campus II, located in the municipality of Santana do Ipanema, Alagoas State, Brazil. Five treatments were studied (T): T1 – immersion in water at 100 ° C until cooling thereof; T2 – immersion in water at 50 ° C until cooling thereof; T3 – immersion in sulfuric acid for 5 minutes, followed by washing in water for 10 minutes; T4 – mechanical scarification by sandpaper for 2 minutes, and T5 – Witness. Where it came to evaluating the germination speed index (GSI) and germination percentage (G%). Data were subjected to analysis of variance and the means compared by Tukey test at 5% significance level. The immersion in sulfuric acid was the best method to break seed dormancy of Mimosa Hostilis Benth., now for Bauhinia cheilantha bong. Steud in the chiseling was the best method for breaking dormancy.

Keywords: Germination. Seeds. Mechanical scarification.

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