Study on the generalized model of the lateral frictional resistance distribution under the ultimate state of the bored piles based on stratum structure

Study on the generalized model of the lateral frictional resistance distribution under the ultimate state of the bored piles based on stratum structure

Meng-di SUN

College of Ocean Science and Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China.

Scientific Research and Reviews

Based on the results of the ultimate load distribution of the part of the bored piles in the vertical static load field test of single pile, combined with the analysis of the relevant piles and soil data, found that the lateral friction resistance distribution of the bored pile in the ultimate load state was mainly related to structure of the soil layer on the pile side. Based on this, the side resistance distribution mode of the pile under the ultimate load conditions is generalized into a trapezoid, wing-shaped, micro-arc, and “R” shaped. The lateral friction resistance of the pile is positively correlated with the hardness of the soil, and the depth, thickness can influence the pattern of distribution of lateral friction resistance.

Keywords: Stratigraphic structure; Bored pile; Ultimate load; Lateral friction resistance; Distribution mode; Generalization

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M eng – di SU N. Study on the generalized model of the lateral frictional resistance distribution under the ultimate state of the bored piles based on stratum structure. Scientific Research and Reviews, 2020, 13:110. DOI:10.28933/srr-2019-12-1805


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