Scientific Research and Reviews

  • Review on Cyclodextrins/polymer Complexation: A Modern Approach

    The numerous hydroxyl groups available in cyclodextrins are active sites that can form different types of linkages. They can be crosslinked to form linear or branched networks. Moreover, they can form inclusion complexes with polymers and different substrates, modifying their physicochemical properties. This review shows the different applications using polymers, drugs or any other guest with cyclodextrins, either by forming inclusion complexes, ternary complexes, and networks. A comprehensive literature survey was made collect the rightful utilization of cyclodextrins as complexing agents and permeation enhancers. Various techniques have been investigated to explain the methods for preparation of inclusion complexes. In the present review, an attempt was made to discuss various complexation techniques and tried to briefly highlight the potential applications, technical and economical limitations associated with these approaches.

  • Study on the generalized model of the lateral frictional resistance distribution under the ultimate state of the bored piles based on stratum structure

    Based on the results of the ultimate load distribution of the part of the bored piles in the vertical static load field test of single pile, combined with the analysis of the relevant piles and soil data, found that the lateral friction resistance distribution of the bored pile in the ultimate load state was mainly related to structure of the soil layer on the pile side. Based on this, the side resistance distribution mode of the pile under the ultimate load conditions is generalized into a trapezoid, wing-shaped, micro-arc, and “R” shaped. The lateral friction resistance of the pile is positively correlated with the hardness of the soil, and the depth, thickness can influence the pattern of distribution of lateral friction resistance.

  • Research and Application of Personalized Recommendation in E-Commerce System

    With the rapid development of the Internet, personalized recommendation has become an indispensable part of e-commerce system. How to solve the miscellaneous information in e-commerce system through personalized recommendation has become a research hotspot. This paper analyses the development background and significance of personalized recommendation, compares and analyses the relevant algorithms of personalized recommendation through the research of e-commerce system and personalized recommendation, and deeply studies the application of personalized recommendation technology in e-commerce system. The research of personalized recommendation system will contribute to the further development of e-commerce system and make Internet life closer to reality.

  • Comparative study on removal of divalent manganese ions by nanometer TiO2 with different morphology

    In order to solve the problem of excessive Mn(II) content in water in some areas of China, TiO2 nanotubes and TiO2 powder are used to remove Mn(II). The experimental results show that both TiO2 nanotubes and TiO2 powder have certain manganese removal effect, and the effect of powder is better. When the pH was 5.6 and the 20W UV lamp was irradiated for 40 min, the removal rate of the powder was 64.3 %, and the removal rate of the nanotubes anodized for 1h was 35.3 %, and the removal rate of the nanotubes anodized for 30 min was 23.9 %. When the pH is adjusted to 7-8, the removal rate of the nanotubes is significantly improved. When the pH was 8, 20W UV lamp was irradiated for 40 min, the removal rate of nanotubes anodized for 1h was 60.4%.

  • The schedule of World Cup and its impact on the team

    This paper discusses the organization of the World Cup competition, in which through the establishment of a number of scheduling model, the use of analytic hierarchy process and stochastic simulation and other methods to solve this problem and obtain a more reasonable arrangement of the competition. For the arrangement of the Order of the game, first of all, the existing competition is studied. On the premise of the increase in the number of teams and the previous arrangement of the group points, it is considered from the appropriateness of the field, whether the schedule is wonderful, whether the arrangement is simple and whether the ranking is reasonable. 3 new competition competitions are proposed for the improvement of the original competition. Then, the analytic hierarchy process is used to compare and analyze the 3 new competition methods, and the optimal competition method is selected. Finally, under the previously established game, FIFA’s integral algorithm formula is used to analyze and calculate the impact of the results produced under the competition on FIFA rankings. In the application of formula calculation, the stochastic factor is introduced, and the results are simulated by computer, which can get the approximate upward trend of the team in different ranking intervals.

  • Research progress of EDI in water treatment and Membrane fouling

    In Electrodeionization is used in various water treatments due to its low energy consumption, high efficiency and cleanliness. The application of EDI in various water treatments, including heavy metal wastewater, ammonia nitrogen wastewater, salty wastewater, and organic wastewater purification, are reviewed. Ion exchange resins and membranes are important factors influencing the performance of EDI. The research progress on ion exchange resins and membranes in EDI is described, focusing on the solution to the membrane fouling problem in EDI process. Reducing and preventing membrane pollution in EDI is the focus of current research. Solving membrane pollution problem will greatly promote the development and application of EDI.

  • Research on Distribution Efficiency of Automobile After-sales Spare Parts Based on System Dynamics

    The distribution of aftermarket spare parts is an important part of automotive aftermarket parts logistics. The level of distribution efficiency is the key factor affecting customer satisfaction and the economic benefits of accessory companies. The paper uses the theory and modeling method of system dynamics to study the efficiency of the automobile after-sales spare parts distribution system, establishes a dynamic simulation model, and experiments and improves the model based on three important time elements in the system. Experiments show that shortening the delay time between nodes and adjusting the inventory adjustment time properly have positive practical significance for improving the distribution efficiency of aftermarket spare parts.

  • Improving urban air quality in China: investigation and control measures of PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and SO2 in air

    In recent years, the quality of urban atmospheric environment in China has caused widespread concern in the whole society. Improving air quality has become a major content of air pollution prevention and control in China. To do a good job in atmospheric prevention and control, we must investigate and analyze the sources of major atmospheric pollutants and their pollution characteristics firstly. With the acceleration of urbanization, the air pollution situation in Jinan city has become an environmental problem that people are particularly worried about. Based on the monitoring data of Jinan atmospheric environment, this paper analyzed the monthly average concentration values of PM2.5, PM10, NO2 and SO2 in Jinan City from 2015 to 2017. Meanwhile, the main reasons for the air pollution in Jinan City were clarified in detail. Finally, air pollution control strategies were proposed corresponding the aspects of pollution sources, topography and meteorological conditions, rational planning, environmental supervision capabilities, environmental awareness, and practical treatment technologies in Jinan City. These measures can provide a theoretical basis for relevant leading departments to build a beautiful city.

  • Review on Hide and Skin Value Chain in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia’s economy is predominantly agricultural where the livestock sub-sector plays substantial role. Hides and skin is an important strategic sector for the economic and industrial development of Ethiopia. Though the country has very good potential for supplying finished skins and hides products to the world market, the quality of skins and hides supplied has rather deteriorated over time. Therefore, this seminar was conducted to review hide and skin value chain in Ethiopia, to review hide and skin value chain actors, maps and its value addition in Ethiopia, to review the major constraints and opportunities of hide and skin in Ethiopia ,to review hides and skins production ,utilization and its constraint in Ethiopia and to review hide and skin marketing and its constraints in Ethiopia . Poor quality of hides and skins , Poor animal husbandry ,Improper preserved hides and skins ,Lack of price incentives ,absence of quality grading, reflections of the economic policy, market information, and requirements from the tanneries and end market are main challenge observed hide and skin value chain . Creation of awareness among extension staff, butchers, collectors, tanners and other stakeholders and the general public of the economic importance of hides and skins are very important. Developing Clear pricing system based on grading and standard of hide and skin and improving access to market information As well as Clear policy and strategy for the development of hide and skin sector should be developed by Member State that have not done so far.


    Multidrug-Resistance Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is tuberculosis (TB) that is resistant to two first-line drugs; both isoniazid and rifampicin. Globally in 2015, there were an estimated 480, 000 new cases of multidrug-resistant TB. According to the anti-tuberculosis drug resistance survey conducted nationwide in Ethiopia in 2012 among 804 newly diagnosed TB cases 1.6 % were found to be infected with MDR-TB. The continuous challenge in the occurrence and management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in the country in general and Nekemte Referral hospital in particular prompted this study which seeks-to investigate the risk factors for MDR-TB.Unmatched case control study design was conducted to identify the risk factors for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis among tuberculosis patients of Nekemte Referral Hospital. All MDR-TB (21 cases) and Non-MDR-TB (44 controls) patients’ registered from September 2016to August 2017 in this Hospital were included in the study. Face-to-face interview and Patient medical records review were used to collect the data. In bivariate analysis; variables which had P-value