Application of Reverse Car-seeking in Large Underground Parking Lot Based on A Star Algorithm: A Real Case

Application of Reverse Car-seeking in Large Underground Parking Lot Based on A Star Algorithm: A Real Case

Lingxiang Wei1*, Dong Pan1, Mingjun Liao1,2*

1School of Materials Science and Engineering, Yancheng Institute of Technology, Yan Cheng 224051, China; 2Key Laboratory of Transport Industry of Big Data Application Technologies for Comprehensive Transport, Ministry of Transport, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 710064, China

Scientific Research and Reviews

In order to solve the problems of low utilization rate of large parking lots and low efficiency of parking turnover, it is proposed to use A-star algorithm to plan the shortest path for finding a car, and run it in Android system to realize reverse car-searching. By analyzing the current situation of large underground parking lot barriers, A-star algorithm converts the starting point to the destination route into the corresponding parking space to the destination parking space path, calculates the optimal path and provides real-time path car navigation for the vehicle owner. According to the path searched by the A-star algorithm in the Android system, the time spent by the user to blindly search for the vehicle is largely saved, and the parking space utilization rate and the parking turnover rate are effectively improved. Therefore, the research has certain application value in the large parking lots.

Keywords: Transport optimization; A Star Algorithm; Shortest Path; Reverse Car Search

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Lingxiang Wei, Dong Pan, Mingjun Liao. Application of Reverse Car-seeking in Large Underground Parking Lot Based on A Star Algorithm: A Real Case. Scientific Research and Reviews, 2020; 13:116. DOI:10.28933/srr-2020-04-0105


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