Numerical Simulation of Hole Distribution Blasting with Different Distribution Forms

Numerical Simulation of Hole Distribution Blasting with Different Distribution Forms

Zhang Xiaoxiao

Guizhou University, Mining Institute, Guiyang, Guizhou 550025

According to the vibration of cut blasting, the number of holes and the location of holes are reasonably designed by using finite element software LS-DYNA. The rectangular holes and hollow holes in straight cut are simulated respectively. Of the hole in the straight-cut undercut blasting vibration law. The analysis shows that the larger the diameter of the hole is, the better the vibration reduction is. The more the number of holes is, the more obvious the damping effect is. The best blasting effect of the large diameter hollow hole and the large diameter rectangular hole is 0.93cm/s Reduce the blasting vibration speed, buffered the blasting time; get both a good blasting effect and effective rapid damping effect.

Keywords: Undercutting; Blasting; Void; Vibration law; Vibration reduction

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Zhang Xiaoxiao. Numerical Simulation of Hole Distribution Blasting with Different Distribution Forms. Scientific Research and Reviews, 2020; 13:119. DOI:10.28933/srr-2020-11-1208


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