Improved soil plug height calculation formula

Improved soil plug height calculation formula

Sashuang Gao

Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China.

This paper analyzes the soil plugging effect of the open pipe pile during the pile sinking process. The soil in the pipe pile is regarded as a continuous and uninterrupted multiple units, and the force analysis is carried out in the vertical direction, and the vertical balance equation of the soil in the pile is obtained. By establishing an equation, the expression of the plug height of the pipe pile during the pile sinking process is obtained. Comparing the theoretical calculation results with the actual project, it is concluded that the theoretical calculation results can reflect the overall change in the height of the soil plug. Therefore, the pile plug height obtained by calculation has certain guiding significance for the project.

Keywords: Open pipe pile; Soil plug height; Theoretical calculation; Balance equation

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Sashuang Gao. Improved soil plug height calculation formula. Scientific Research and Reviews, 2021, 14:121. DOI: 10.28933/srr-2021-02-1805


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