Diana’s Diary. A Case-Study of Hypnotherapy

Diana’s Diary. A Case-Study of Hypnotherapy

József P. Vas*

International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

H-3527. Miskolc, Soltész NK u. 1. 1/5, Hungary

This case-study accounts on a 25 year’s old woman’s serious suffering and recovery due to successful hypnotherapy conducted by the author. Diana, the patient was a salesgirl in a little store. She was inflicted numerous stab-wounds with culpable homicide, and her life depended on few seconds only. After having had a chest surgery she was gradually becoming anxious while reliving her trauma again and again, and she became ill suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and she had to take antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs. Her Jungian type of psychotherapy including hypnotic sessions with Guiding Spirit Method divided into two periods. In the course of the first period longing for a year she was relieving from anxious attacks and intrusive traumatic images as characterized by PTSD, and she has become balanced mentally. Although, she had been quite well after the first period of therapy, a new serious problem came to light since she aborted twice, and she was unable to be pregnant again. Then, the second period of therapy started for her request, and ended when she became pregnant again, and she had a newborn baby, later. This study is divided into two parts. In the first part the patient will be the leading character, whose subjective report serves as a basis of the case-study. In doing so an intimacy of the report is felt as it is told in Diana’s voice written in her diary. The therapist’s interpretation upon the therapeutic process can be read in the second part. The patient made reports based on her own experiences and gave her written consent for publication. The client’s name mentioned in this paper is fictional and non-identifiable.

Keywords: PTSD, the patient’s self-report, hypnotherapy, Guiding Spirit Method, work with symbols

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József P. Vas. Diana’s Diary: A Case-Study of Hypnotherapy. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2016, 1:5. DOI:10.28933/vas-ijtcm-2016

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