Frontal branch of Facial Nerve and the Temporal Region

Badr M I Abdulrauf MD, FRCSC

Section of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology 2D

Several layers of various soft tissues with interchanging characteristics exist below and above the zygomatic arch, this makes the temporal region anatomy somewhat uneasy to comprehend and recall. The frontal (or Temporal) branch of facial nerve is however the ultimate reason why it becomes important to study this area.
Apart from Plastic, aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery, few other surgical specialties often need to work on this region, some of the common procedures include Coronal approaches; Zygoma fracture reduction; Temporoparietal flap elevation; Face and brow lift.
There was a need for thorough review of this area from a surgeon’s perspective and to come up with as clear possible messages to be made in regard this topic. After an extensive literature search, we came up with few conclusions and three key illustrations that we strongly believe are crucial to be remembered.
The rationale of following certain path of dissection in the temporal region, depending on the planned operation is explained. Eponyms used in literature for various structures have been discussed and clarified. The relationship of the frontal nerve to its surrounding fasciae within the zygomatic zone and Temporoparietal fascia is further explored. This updated review and guidelines are specifically been developed and recommended as an educational tool for in training surgical residents of concerned specialties, as well as for practicing surgeons in those areas to update their anatomy knowledge of this critical region.

Keywords: Temporal region; Frontal branch; Temporal branch; Facial nerve; Face lift; Brow lift; Temporparietal fascia; Flap; Deep temporal fascia; Anatomy; Relations

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Badr M I Abdulrauf MD, FRCSC. “Frontal branch of Facial Nerve and the Temporal Region”. American Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, 2020; 3:14. DOI:10.28933/ajap-2020-11-0505


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