Homeopathy treatment for Heart Diseases

Homeopathy treatment for Heart Diseases

BalajiDeekshitulu P V

Homeopathy & Alternative Medicine Physician and Counselling Psychologist, Sri Balaji Homeo Clinic, Tirupati, A.P, India

American Journal of Cardiology Research and Reviews

World records that two out of six individuals will bite the dust from coronary illness and six out of ten men over age 30 may have indications of coronary illness. The redeeming quality, be that as it may, is heart issues are sensible; furthermore, they can be forestalled, or even switched, with ideal, proficient clinical treatment. A huge number of hazard factors assumes a job in the improvement of coronary illness cigarette, smoking, physical idleness, stress, weight, high blood cholesterol, (hypertension) and diabetes. These components are controllable and not controllable. The most ideal way one can decrease the danger of coronary illness is by limiting, or dodging, the hazard factors-quitting any pretense of smoking, keeping away from liquor, confining salt use, constraining calorie consumption, practicing normally, diminishing enthusiastic pressure, getting observed and researched for hypertension, raised fat, cholesterol and different elements. The initial step, obviously, ought to be meant to bring down one’s hypertension the higher the circulatory strain, the more noteworthy is the danger of coronary episode, stroke and kidney illness. All the more significantly, if any of one’s nearby family members have had hypertension, at an early age, such people ought to be encouraged to have their circulatory strain checked all the time. However it can be miraculously treated by homeopathy

Keywords: Homeopathy & pre- Post treatment in heart health

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