Promoting healthy food practices through food education: a focus on functional foods

Promoting healthy food practices through food education: a focus on functional foods

Lopes, J.P.S1, André, DW.D.S2; Cordeiro, J.F.S3; Oliveira, K.P4; Pedrosa, M.L.F5; Couto, J.A6

1,2,4,5Estudante do Curso de Licenciatura Plena em Ciências Biológicas – UFRPE; 3Estudante do Curso de Bacharelado em Gastronomia – UFRPE, 6Docente/pesquisador do Departamento de Morfologia e Fisiologia Animal da UFRPE.

American Journal of Dermatological Research and Reviews

Introduction: The poor eating habits of large populations associated with a more sedentary lifestyle, are responsible for the increase of diseases linked to diet. Given this scenario, there is a worldwide interest in improving the quality of nutrition and reducing health spending. Objective: To promote an intervention action directed to the reeducation of food related to the consumption of functional foods, based on an intervention carried out at the Colégio Dom Augustinho Ikas in São Lourenço da Mata, Pernambuco. Methodology: The intervention was divided into 6 stages, where the topics on poor diet, healthy eating and functional foods were discussed. A practical gastronomic workshop and the application of questionnaires were carried out to evaluate the nutritional status of the participants, as well as the impact of the intervention. Outcome: Participants in the intervention already consumed some of these functional foods, being very positive from a nutritional point of view, although only 10% knew or had already heard about the subject. It was also possible to verify the gain of new knowledge by those involved. Conclusion: The intervention proved to be a sensitizing tool in relation to the factors related to food choices reconciled with the measure of health promotion and quality of life.

Keywords:  Functional food; Nutrition education; Nutrition; Healthy eating

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Lopes, J.P.S, André, DW.D.S; Cordeiro, J.F.S; Oliveira, K.P; Pedrosa, M.L.F; Couto, J.A.Promoting healthy food practices through food education: a focus on functional foods.American Journal of Dermatological Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:2. DOI:10.28933/ajodrr-2018-06-1802

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