The Artistic Study of the Film “Green Book”

Chen Jiewu

School of Humanities, Tiangong University.

The quality of a film comes from all aspects. Among them, the director’s design of the lens language, the control of scene scheduling and the design of the narrative structure are very important parts of achieving a film. The film “Green Book” has attracted a lot of controversy after winning the Oscar best film, basically it is criticized from the perspective of film literature, but the film’s achievements in director art are rarely mentioned. The characters’ appearance, detailed elements and narrative structure provide an in-depth analysis of the film’s director art.

Keywords: “Green Book”; Character appearance; Detail elements; Narrative structure

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Chen Jiewu. The Artistic Study of the Film “Green Book”. Global Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2020; 4:1. DOI: 10.28933/gjah-2020-06-1005


1. Pan Hua. Film and television director art tutorial [M]. China Broadcasting and Television Press, 2013: 61, 233

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