Prevalence of Children With Lactose Intolerance in an Interior of Pernambuco

Prevalence of Children With Lactose Intolerance in an Interior of Pernambuco

Lima, G.G.V1; Silva, G.M2; Barbosa, M.A3; Lima, W.L4; Fernandes, T.F.S5

1Resident in Collective Health with Emphasis in Management of Health Care Networks – ESPPE;
2Graduate student in Food Quality Control – IDE Courses;
3Student of Post-graduation in Clinical Nutrition-Uni Nassau;
4Graduate Student in Functional Nutrition – CCE;
5Teacher/Researcher, linked to College São Miguel-FSM

International journal of Pediatric research and reviews-2d

Introduction: Among the food intolerances frequently found in pediatrics is lactose intolerance, which is incapable of digesting lactose due to the deficiency of lactase, an enzyme responsible for the hydrolysis of lactose into glucose and galactose. This pathology is a risk for the development of malnutrition. Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of lactose intolerant children, their nutritional status and their correlation with family history. Methodology: Descriptive study, of a quantitative and transverse nature. Primary and secondary data were used with appreciation of the Ethics and Research Committee. Results and Discussion: Of the 623 medical records examined by children between 0 and 10 years old, 8 were diagnosed with Intolerance to lactose, most of which presented adequate nutritional status and 75% of them had a history of lactose intolerance in the family. In childhood, the lactase deficiency may present physical and nutritional complications due to the presence of its signs and symptoms. There is evidence that initial bacterial selection within the gastrointestinal tract is partly genetically determined. Most of the mothers presented deregulate intestinal function and reported a history of lactose intolerance in the family, which can be correlated to the fact that the maternal intestinal microbiota and genetic factors interfere in the initial bacterial selection of the child. Conclusion: In view of the health problems that can be generated in children with lactose intolerance and the influence of their symptoms on child development and growth, the study corroborates as subsidies for health professionals in this city and new studies related to this pathology.

Keywords: Child; Nutritional status; Lactose intolerance

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Lima, G.G.V; Silva, G.M; Barbosa, M.A; Lima, W.L; Fernandes, T.F.S. Prevalence of Children With Lactose Intolerance in an Interior of Pernambuco. International Journal of Pediatric Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:1

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