Remediation for oligospermia in males using the extract of traditional herbs Withania somnifera and Emila sanchifolia

Remediation for oligospermia in males using the extract of traditional herbs Withania somnifera and Emila sanchifolia

Elizabeth Mathew K a, G.Athinarayanan b, C.Padmalatha. c, and A J A Ranjitsingh d

a.Fertility Clinic Mallapuram Kerala, b-Department of Microbiology .SRNY College, Tenkasi, c-Dept.of Animal sciences, MS University,dDept of Biotechnology Prathyusha Engineering College, Chennai

International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Due to life style changes, climatic changes, occupational problems and Food, air and water pollutants, the present generation of human beings are affected much of the different health issues, sterile marriage is a matter of great concern. The infertility rate is increasing at an alarming rate. In the infertility marriage, the male factor is more responsible for sterility. To improve male semen quality traditional plant remedy were tried for 3 treatment duration of each 40 days. Aqueous extracts of two medicinal plants Withania somnifera and Emila sanchifolia were given to chronic cases of infertile males with oligospermia. The results obtained for the plant extract treated and untreated groups showed a remarkable difference in the semen parameters .In the plant drug treated males, the total sperm count, motility, pH, and non -deformed sperms are above the optimum levels prescribed for normal fertility .The present study clearly indicates that the mixture of plant extracts exerted a good improvement in semen characteristics.

Keywords: Withania somnifera ; Emila sanchifolia; infertility;semen quality; oligospermia.

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Elizabeth MathewK,G. Athinarayanan, C.Padmalatha., A J A Ranjitsingh d.Remediation for oligospermia in males using the extract of traditional herbs Withania somnifera and Emila sanchifolia. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2020, 5:28.


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