“Spitting as traditional medicine” – why alpha-emitting nanoparticul- ates make spitting an unfortunate but significant contribution to health

“Spitting as traditional medicine” – why alpha-emitting nanoparticulates make spitting an unfortunate but significant contribution to health

Florent Pirot

Independent Researcher

Spitting is a human reflex as old as civilization, related, mainly, as is shown, to the evacuation of internal contamination with alpha-emitting nanoparticulates, a contamination with many causes, from car fumes and industrial smokes, coal ashes and cement, radon, phosphated fertilizers, to depleted uranium weapons and natural dust and tap water in areas of high natural radioactivity, as well as cigarettes, for the main sources. Strong levels of coal ash pollution together with high natural radioactivity explain for instance the spitting “custom” in Chinese streets, together with long distances between workplace and home, widespread cigarette use, and lack of public toilets. Alphaemitting nanoparticulates become a part of the digestion cycle in meat-eaters, but not without collateral damage.

Keywords: Spitting; alpha-emitting nanoparticulates; Irritable bowel syndrome; meat eating; digestive diseases; miction control; sphincter control; bowel control

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Florent Pirot. “Spitting as traditional medicine” – why alpha-emitting nanoparticulates make spitting an unfortunate but significant contribution to health. International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2021; 6:33. DOI: 10.28933/ijtcm-2021-01-2306


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