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Research Article of Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews PHARMACEUTICAL ATTENTION IN THE CELIAC DISEASE: SAMPLINGS IN THE CITY OF FOZ DO IGUAÇU/PR Rafaela Dal Piva1*, Jociele Tonin Volkweis1, Thaís Tonin1 1CESUFOZ Objective: To analyze the difficulty found in the diagnosis of celiac disease; the identification of patients’ knowledge about the pathology; Self-medication to treat the symptoms before the disease is detected; the significance of the pharmaceutical care to the celiac patients, among others related problems. Methods: Biographical survey and gathering of data encompassing the sampling of individuals of Foz do Iguaçu, members of the local celiac society. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews occurred by electronic contact, trough “Google Forms”. This work had its project submitted to the Research Ethics Committee of UNIOESTE, approved on August 7, 2020 in all of its terms and proposals, with opinion n. 4.198.688. Results: It was found that, of the 180 interviewed, 56.7% of all the carriers made used self-medication. And 41, 1% of all patients reported that the necessary time for the disease diagnosis was 1 to 5 years. Among the most common symptoms was abdominal swelling with 94,4% incidence, cramps with 60,6% and flatulence with 76,1%. Another important factor to be considered is that 87,8% reported to have the pathology under study, due to genetic predisposition. Conclusion: Such responses prove the importance of the pharmaceutical professional to identify the pathology and guide about which conduct must be followed by the patient, as well how to guide them on the possible presence of gluten in some medications, aiming to avoid self-medication, abuse of drugs that can aggravate the symptoms and a greater incentive to clinical knowledge in order to obtain an early diagnosis. Keywords: Celiac Disease. Self-medication. Gluten. Pharmaceutical Attention ...

Terpenoids and steroids isolated from Calophyllum polyanthum

Research Article of Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews Terpenoids and steroids isolated from Calophyllum polyanthum CAO Ting-ting1, LI Xu1, YANG Teng-yun2*, LI Dan-dan3* 1School of Pharmaceutical Science and Yunnan Key Laboratory of Pharmacology of Natural Products, Kunming Medical University, Kunming 650500, Yunnan, PR. China. 2Department of Sports Medicine, The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, Kunming 650032, Yunnan, PR. China. 3The First Affiliated Hospital of Dali University, Dali 671000, Yunnan, PR. China. Three triterpenoids, one diterpenoid and two steroids were isolated from the aerial parts of Calophyllum polyathum. The structures of these compounds were determined by 1D NMR and mass spectroscopic data. Among them, compounds 1, 3, and 4 was obtained for the first time from Calophyllum polyathum. Keywords: Calophyllum polyathum; Guttiferae; Terpenoid; Steroid; Structure elucidation ...


Review Article of Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF REMDESIVIR—OVERVIEW OF A MOST POPULAR ANTIVIRAL IN RECENT TIMES DWAIPAYAN SARATHI CHAKRABORTY*, SHOUVIK CHOUDHURY REGISTRAR, DEPARTMENT OF CARDIOLOGY, BELLE VUE CLINIC Recent international epidemics of coronavirus-associated illnesses underscore the urgent medical and public health need for vaccine development and regulatory body approved therapies. In particular, the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has quickly intensified interest in developing treatment options to mitigate impact on human life. Remdesivir (GS-5734™) is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that is now being tested as a potential treatment for COVID-19 in international, multi-site clinical trials. Currently available evidence about the antiviral effects of remdesivir against to accumulate before the clinical trials are concluded. It is imperative for public health practitioners and the One Health community to stay up to date on the most promising potential therapeutic options that are under investigation. Thus, the purpose of this review is to synthesize the knowledge to date about remdesivir as a therapeutic option for coronaviruses, with a special focus on information relevant to the One Health community Keywords: REMDESIVIR, COVID-19, Review ...

Effect of Ricinodendron heudelotii seed extract on the oxidative stress biomarkers of Diabetic albino rats

Research Article of Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Reviews Effect of Ricinodendron heudelotii seed extract on the oxidative stress biomarkers of Diabetic albino rats Odinga, T.1,2, Nwaokezi, C.O.1 1Department of Biochemistry, Rivers state university. Nigeria; 2Department of Biochemistry, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. This study evaluated the potentials of the seed extract of Ricinodendron heudelotii on the oxidative stress biomarkers of diabetic albino rats of the wistar strain. Diabetes mellitus was induced via intraperitoneal administration of 160 mg/ kg bodyweight Alloxan monohydrate in normal saline and confirmed after 120 hours of blood glucose level above 300mg/dl. Blood samples were collected from the animals and analyzed for Malondialdehyde, Catalase, Reduced Glutathione, Glutathione-S-transferase, Glutathione peroxidase, and Superoxide dismutase activities as biomarkers of oxidative stress. The result revealed a significant decrease at P≤0.05 in blood glucose concentration of diabetic rats with increase in the seed extract concentration, Malondialdehyde (MDA) decreased significantly in the diabetic rats while Catalase increased significantly at P≤0.05 as the extract concentration increased. Variations in Glutathione-S-transferase, Glutathione Peroxidase, Superoxide dismutase and Reduced Glutathione in comparison with control was observed.  The results therefore suggests that the aqueous seed extract of Ricinodendron heudelotii has the potency to reduce glucose level and act as antioxidants against oxidative stress, hence its use therapeutically. Keywords: Ricinodendron heudelotii, Alloxan monohydrate, Antioxidant biomarkers, Diabetes mellitus, oxidative stress ...

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